Hi. Welcome.

So… Favourite Fruit?

A tasty bananaUmm. Yeah. Nothing to do with fruit. But if you came here looking for fruit, then we don’t want to disappoint. So here, have a banana.

We build stuff. Cool stuff. Like web apps and mobile apps and thingymajigs and whatnot.

The stuff we build looks good. And it works.

But mainly it looks good.

We don’t build crap.
We just want to make that clear.

We don’t build stuff for other people or companies either. We build stuff for ourselves. We come up with ideas (the exciting part) and turn those ideas into apps or systems (the hard part).

Here’s a flowchart.

Sorry. That was probably a bit immature.

You were probably expecting a flowchart of what we do. But it’s pretty simple. So it doesn’t really need a flowchart. Or a table. Or an Excel spreadsheet.

Here, have an apple instead. You’ll feel better.

Making cool stuff isn’t quick or easy. Just ask Ice Cube. He’s cool. But he ain’t easy.

(True story: we were actually looking for an image of “ice cubes” to put here to represent “cool”. So we googled “ice cube”. And instead of frozen water in a square shape, we found an American rapper. Touché, Google.)

It also takes us time to make said cool stuff because we spend hours and hours talking about logos and perfecting shades of grey for menu bars and trying out different fonts. Mock us at will, but that shit is important! It also means that our stuff will always look better than your stuff.

We are modern people in a modern world. So we have phones and emails and skype and whatnot. We don’t have a fax machine. They are decidedly unmodern.

If you really want to, you can call us on 0403 533 282. But we’d prefer you to write. Probably on topics related to the above. And if it’s not related, then please at least make it interesting.

To wit: the move away from cork to screw-caps by the Australian wine industry has contributed to an environmental disaster in Portugal. Discuss.

You can email us at banana @ favouritefruit [dot] com or you can send a piece of paper with words written on it (printed or hand written, we’re ok with either) to GPO Box 1293, Brisbane QLD 4001.

And if you’ve managed to get to the end of this and you still don’t know what we do, then we’ve achieved our aim.

Now. Be gone with you!

Good day to you, Sir. Or Madam.

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